Ahhhh......September...Perfect weather for recording! 

We've had some really exciting times, lately! 

I went to the Olympics and got to sing one of Shane's songs, "Didn't We" for the whole world, we Got to open for the legendary Matt Minglewood, a true Canadian Icon. We also just had a very successful show for the Highwood Community BBQ, a re-occurring engagement! In between, we've had lots of acoustic shows and whole band gigs that have been so much fun!

Right now, the guys are down in the studio laying some drum and guitar tracks for the new album we're working on. We are so excited for y'all to hear our new tunes! They've been going over quite well with our audiences....

We've been getting some airplay on CKUA! It's so exciting to hear one of your very own, precious songs being broadcast out to the world. And, damn! They sound SO GOOD!!!

Stay tuned! You just might get to hear a taste of what's to come very soon........

Here we are...... 

This is exciting! Website back up, CD on CD Baby, gigs starting to book.


I've missed y'all.


I've missed sharing what I love with you....the music we write, the music that moves our souls, moves our lives in the best of directions.....the singing of our dreams and inspirations, our hopes and our fears.

Let's see where this journey takes us, shall we? And, I will celebrate those who journey on this river with us, seeking their *own* stories.