BlackSnake Moan


BlackSnake Moan/Spirit Quest 


Dawn von Arnim and Shane McCrae

They met in 2000. He was following the Allman Brothers Band and a dream. She was heading west and looking for freedom and her future. Riverfront Bluez, a crazy biker/blues bar in Macon, Georgia would be the backdrop for the start to their story and the rest, as they say, is history....

Shane was running a jam, looking for musicians to record an album. Dawn was a cocktail waitress trying to avoid the required karaoke singing the boss insisted upon. After succumbing to the pressure, word got back to Shane that *this* was who he was looking for. They met, did some singing and then found other musicians to help record their album, "Brainwake", at the famous Capricorn Studios. Then, it was time to hit the road. The duo, working under the name "Spirit Quest", traveled extensively in the Southern US for several years, living in a tent, as you could do back then, year-round in the deep south, playing festivals and honky tonks, before returning Shane to his home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where they continued to perform as a duo before forming a full band, BlackSnake Moan. After performing mostly cover music for many years, the band has made the jump to Original music, just releasing a live album, in July 2017.

Dawn von Arnim - Has performed extensively throughout the Southern US and in Canada, currently is the lead vocalist for Spirit Quest and BlackSnake Moan and works in a recording studio as a background vocalist and arranger. Dawn has just recently returned from South Korea, performing in a side project, 'Reconcilliation', representing Canada at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.


Shane McCrae- Has been a professional musician, playing rhythm and lead guitar for more than 30 years, performing extensively in Canada and the Southern US, and has led several successful bands, such as Winston and Stray Dog. His love of Southern Rock led him on a pilgrimage to explore his musical roots in the South, the results of which returned with him, to Calgary, to shine through in the original work he creates.